WHAM INC. Uplists to Current Status Company and Announces Changes to its Board of Directors

LOCKPORT, IL / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2016 / (OTC: WFMC) WHAM INC. announces changes to its board of directors with the appointments of Theodore Fotsis as Chairman/CEO, Alan Uecke Secretary/Treasurer, Russ Guzior COO/Director and Sid Saldanha Director; subsequent to resignations and resolutions of previous officers and directors. One of the first goals of the new board was to complete and upload all financials, informational disclosures and supporting documentation, which was verified by our Legal Counsel S&G Law Group and has been approved by the OTC Markets who has uplisted WHAM INC. to a current status company.

“We are pleased and delighted in welcoming Alan Uecke and Russ Guzior to the Board of Directors. The purpose and vision in accomplishing these changes is to assure the execution and launch of the current and upcoming projects in the pipeline for 2016. One of the strong convictions of the new board is to establish transparency and accountability for all our shareholders,” said Theodore Fotsis, Chairman/CEO.

The company is pleased to have Alan Uecke on the Board. His in-depth knowledge and experience will provide invaluable insight and guidance to the executive team. He has a Masters Degree in taxation and an extensive background knowledge in the real estate industry, including construction, development, leasing, and marketing. He has been a consultant to multinational corporations for their administration and collection activities for their portfolio lending, relating to both dealerships and retail buyers. His experience also extends to insurance, legal matters, banking, and financial reporting for corporate entities. We are also pleased to have Russ Guzior on the Board who not only brings tremendous talent, integrity and faith to the executive team but brings over 20 years of corporate strategic planning and implementation to the company. Russ was drafted in the NHL by the Montreal Canadiens in 1993 and after finishing his degree at Providence College he played 9 years of professional hockey, which instilled teamwork, leadership and success within him and will benefit the team. At the young age of 20 he started successful summer hockey schools and since then he has owned and operated an MMA production Company (Rock Solid Production), a remodeling company (Redemption Remodeler LLC) and currently runs one of the fastest growing disposal companies (Redemption Disposal & Recycling LLC.) in the Chicagoland area.

WHAM INC. Board of Directors & IT Advisors

Theodore Fotsis, Chairman/CEO
Alan Uecke, Treasurer/Secretary
Russ Guzior, COO/D
Sid Saldanha, Director
Josh Neyer, IT Advisor
Joseph S. Zarcone, IT Advisor



WHAM INC. is a diversified holdings company established for the purpose of investing in or acquiring development and early stage companies. Acquisitions of businesses are executed through M & A activity, stock exchanges and asset acquisitions. WHAM has the direct capability as a corporate structured finance originator, to organize and submit financial investments ranging from small to substantial in nature.

Forward-Looking Statement

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