WHAM INC. Engages VenturePilot for the Development & Roll Out of Its New Secure Encrypted Communications App for Android & iOS Systems

LOCKPORT, IL / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2015 / (OTC: WFMC) WHAM INC. is pleased to announce that it has engaged VenturePilot for the purpose of developing and rolling out its new Mobile Encrypted Communications App, code named WMEC, for both Android and iOS systems. WHAM’s strategic focus and vision through WMEC is to become a dominant and global leader within the marketplace. It is core to WHAM’s strategic focus to position itself firmly in the secure encrypted mobile app communication market with app functionality, executive leadership, sales and marketing, customer service, technology development and technical support.

The alpha version of the Android mobile application was delivered on Dec. 14th 2015 and is currently being tested by a select group of investors. The proof of concept testing is scheduled to be completed before the end of the month. Our best conservative estimation for beta completion for both Android and iOS systems, (SMS, MMS and Calling) is first quarter of 2016.

Screenshots of the Android based proof of concept mobile app being tested have been made available on our twitter and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=987412791323544&id=801391149925710.

In the interim, WHAM INC. is engaging in the next phase of development for beta versions on Android and iOS systems. A beta signup landing page and signup form will be made available once the platform is ready. WHAM INC. will keep the investment community up to date on all development.

In order to leverage these and new opportunities on the horizon the board of directors have made key structural changes to its board. A subsequent press release regarding the board changes will be announced to the investment community.

Summary WMEC, WHAM Mobile Encrypted Communications:

WMEC technology is an end-to-end encryption solution. It will provide deniable authentication along with forward and future secrecy to secure all communications between WMEC app users using a AES-256 bit encryption stack. In addition, a passphrase can be set to encrypt all WMEC messages on the user’s mobile device to secure the storage of sensitive user message data.

Encryption: No one else can read your instant messages.

Authentication: You are assured the correspondent is who you think it is.

Deniability: The messages you send do not have digital signatures that are checkable by a third party. Anyone can forge messages after a conversation to make them look like they came from you. However, during a conversation, your correspondent is assured the messages he sees are authentic and unmodified.

Perfect Forward Secrecy: If you lose control of your private keys, no previous conversation is compromised.


WHAM INC. is a diversified holdings company established for the purpose of investing in or acquiring development and early stage companies. We operate in a number of business areas including apparel, mobile encryption technology, and healthcare. Acquisitions of businesses are executed through M & A activity, stock exchanges and asset acquisitions. WHAM has the direct capability as a corporate structured finance originator, to organize and submit international financial investments ranging from small to substantial in nature.

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