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WHAM INC. expends its time looking for the right investments and take over of company's very much like the largest take over public corporations in the United States of America. On February 2nd 2016, WHAM INC. took over the following (5) business operations that have become the first floor in building the WHAM INC. empire for investors.

PostPublishing.buzz| Hoff TV

Christ Credit & Debit Cards Worldwide Development Companies

PublicSpeakingWallStreet.com | TowersInvestors.com


'TrafficKing', the story of Con­chita Sarnoff, an inves­tiga­tive jour­nal­ist, who despite bribes to stay silent, risked her life to expose the bru­tal real­ity of human traf­fick­ing and the Jef­frey E. Epstein case.

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I.) Jeffrey E. Epstein Filed Federal Lawsuit

Steven Jude Hoffenberg (Mr. Hoffenberg) as the Plaintiff in this adversary proceeding, by his counsel, Alan P. Fraade, Esq. and Gary H. Baise, Esq., brings this Complaint against the United States of America

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II.) Jeffrey E. Epstein Filed Federal Lawsuit

Steven Jude Hoffenberg (“Mr. Hoffenberg”) as the Plaintiff, individually, and as constructive trustee of the Noteholders and Bondholders of Towers Financial Corporation, by his co-counsels, Gary H. Baise, Esq., and Alan P. Fraade, Esq., brings this Complaint against the Defendants, Jeffrey E. Epstein (“Mr. Epstein”), individually, and as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Financial Trust Company

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Councilman George Cushingberry, Jr., Esq., for the city of Detroit, who was the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee for the City of Detroit until 2010, originally introduced Mr. Hoffenberg to the Retirement System City of Detroit, which is now one of the TFC victims. Mr. Hoffenberg has been in constant communications with Councilman George Cushingberry, Jr., Esq.'s Legislative aide, and friend of Mr. Hoffenberg, Mr. David Cavanagh who recently advised Mr. Hoffenberg that the Retirement System City of Detroit may join this pending lawsuit before this court to recover one hundred twenty five million ($125,000,000) dollars in damages from Mr. Epstein for his fraudulent actions pursuant to the TFC Ponzi Fraud set forth in the complaint.

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EXCLUSIVE: Disgraced financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein accused of swindling $1 billion from investors in lawsuit


Sex offender financier Jeffrey Epstein is being sued by a former business partner who accuses him in a $1 billion lawsuit of ripping off up to 200,000 investors, according to papers filed in a United States federal court.

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  • Former Ponzi King Steven Hoffenberg works full time on paying his Ponzi victims whereby Steven Hoffenberg states that he must repay the Ponzi victims who trusted Mr. Hoffenberg in the past investments made under his office as the CEO at Towers Financial Corporation, the public company.
  • Steven Hoffenberg is the CEO of the WHAM INC. (5) companies’ taken over on February 2nd 2016.
  • Tower Investors.com CEO Steven Hoffenberg works on the WHAM INC. take over of companies & WHAM INC. investments in companies, whereby Towers Investors are paid fees earned for the raising of funds for client companies’ world wide.
  • Over 1000 company transactions were closed by Steven Hoffenberg in the funding's & merger take over work product.
  • Steven Hoffenberg is one of the top high profile experts in the Wall Street funding of companies’ for growth management.
  • WHAM INC. is operating under the Tower Investors joint multi year project that seeks to place WHAM INC. on the Wall Street fortune 1000 list of companies.
  • Christ Credit & Debit Card companies development worldwide business operations providing:
  • Christ Credit Cards
  • Christ Debit Cards
  • For church & ministry donations from the cards rewards benefits paid from the cardholder purchasing the same as Mastercard or Visa card programs.
  • WHAM INC. owns the Christ Card worldwide companies’ that are going to market in providing some 30 million Christ Cards to both church & ministry folks in the faith based walk around the world.
  • WHAM INC. with the Christ Card worldwide operations can place WHAM INC. on the Wall Street fortune 1000 list over the multi year work project detailed herein.
  • Post Publishing.buzz: WHAM INC. online faith based Jesus Christ newspaper for the followers of Jesus Christ throughout the entire world.
  • HOFF Online TV Production Screening Service Company: WHAM INC. online TV station that may screen productions for clients online in any part of the world.
  • Public Speaking Wall Street.com: WHAM INC. training system for the 27 million small companies’ in the United States of America. Public speaking teachings in person are provided by the company.

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